The Growth of Ecommerce recently released survey results in May 2020 about ecommerce sales by category.

The data is all US data, but it we expect the info to be similar in Canada. Overall ecommerce will account for 14% of retail sales this year. If you exclude gasoline and auto sales, that number is 20%. For the first time one category will have more online sales than instore sales. That category is books, music and video. The survey doesn’t include travel services or event tickets or gambling all of which rely on ecommerce these days.

The numbers show people are spending money online. They are buying electronics, apparel and accessories, home décor and furniture, office supplies and hobby items. Health care and personal care items are growing as are food and beverage sales.

What does this mean for your business? If you are already selling online, then congrats on giving your customers a service they want. If you are not selling online, it doesn’t mean you need to rush into ecommerce. But you do need to be thinking about and planning for some first steps to get digital sales.

There is a lot to consider. What ecommerce platform should you use? What delivery or shipping options should I consider? How do I market my storefront? How do I measure ROI? Can I do it myself or work with a digital agency? It takes time and some research to figure this out.

Junction Digital can help. We work with small retailers and larger ones. We can manage all your online marketing so you can focus on your business. Let us help you build your online sales or help get you started.