How can your business benefit from Amazon?

Did you know that in Canada, Amazon has over 22 million registered users? That means that Amazon has tremendous data that can be leveraged by marketers to reach highly targeted audiences based on people’s online shopping preferences. Amazon Advertising data reflects behaviours of millions of customers’ shopping experiences as they research, consider and purchase both on and off Amazon – all at scale.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising isn’t limited to businesses that have an Amazon storefront. Any of our clients can reach this audience. For just about any business or organization, Amazon’s targeting makes your message more relevant. For example, your business may be financial services or real estate, but you want to reach new parents who are at a new stage in their life. They may be looking for investment advice or thinking of buying a larger home. Junction Digital can help you reach this target audience by targeting people who are buying children’s products online. We will push your ads to this audience on and off the Amazon site.

Amazon Targeting

Amazon Advertising offers all the targeting options you would expect to see on platforms like Facebook and Google with the additional elements that are unique to Amazon. Creative options include display or image ads plus video ads.


Reach audiences based on the preferences they show for brands, products and categories they have searched, browsed or purchased in the past year.


Using the most current 30 days of browsing history these people may be in-market for a specific product.


Based on lifestyle and in-market preferences we can reach people on sites other than Amazon, in the right environment that supports and is aligned with their product preferences.

Remarketing & Lookalike

If you have an Amazon storefront we can remarket to your customers on and off Using the programmatic component of Amazon Advertising we can reach lookalike audiences off Amazon.