Why Social Media

4 out of 5 Canadians use social media and Facebook is the leader in this space. For marketers it offers sophisticated audience targeting and wide reach on both Facebook and Instagram. The basic targeting options of age, gender, language, and geography are supplemented by some unique attributes including relationship status, occupation, interests and much more. We can even develop look-alike audiences that mirror your business’s current followers.

Social Media Ads

The Facebook Ad Manager platform enables tracking and reporting on a wide range of metrics. Junction Digital will work with you to determine the right KPIs for your business. Are we trying to add followers and extend reach or drive specific actions on your site or Facebook page? From Clicks, CTR, CPC, and CPA to likes, shares, and comments, we provide you with the reporting data you need to understand campaign performance.

Social Strategy

We strongly recommend that our clients use social media. If needed we can get your Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages set up for you. Junction Digital can develop a social media strategy that keeps your page actively updated so you have a consistent presence on these platforms. We integrate this process with all your online activity so that your site, your Google My Business profile and your social media accounts are all integrated and provide a cohesive experience for customers.