What are the benefits of Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses technology that connects ad buyers (agencies) with ad sellers (website & app publishers) and enables the purchase of an ad unit in fractions of a second, without the need for people to make each transaction. Our trading desk can run campaigns for clients that target specific audiences, sites and apps in defined geographic areas. The technology manages the placement of ads to match the campaign requirements in real time.

The benefits of this process are tremendous for marketers. First it greatly enhances our ability to reach people online regardless of their browsing preferences and devices they use. Programmatic gives tremendously detailed targeting and remarketing options.  This technology makes the process of planning and running campaigns very efficient and provides substantial ROI for clients. The same technology that is used by large corporations and their agencies for big national ad campaigns is available to local and regional clients through Junction Digital.

It’s important to recognize this is not a set it and forget it process. Setting up each campaign can be a complex process and it is our role at Junction Digital to continually monitor and adjust the campaigns to deliver the best results for our clients.

Audience Targeting

Programmatic advertising provides very specific audience and geographic targeting options. Google has developed two categories of audiences that are very helpful with programmatic ads. These are “Affinity” audiences and “In-Market” audiences.

Affinity audiences are people who have an interest in a topic like cooking or hockey. They spend time online looking and watching this type of content. They are identified as Cooking Enthusiasts and Hockey Fans. These identifiers help target potential customers based on our clients’ customer profiles.

In-Market audiences go a step further and identify people who are more than fans. Their increased online activity shows they are in the buying or researching stage of a purchase. The people in the affinity audience for cooking may also be categorized as in-market for refrigerators, coffee makers or cooking ranges because they are looking on sites for product info and price comparisons. Hockey fans may be in the market for sporting goods or sports event tickets. All of them may also be in the market for a new car. It just depends on what they are reading and viewing online.


Remarketing or re-targeting is the ability to show ads to people who have interacted with your website or clicked on your ads. This functionality lets us target website visitors with unique offers and reach out to past customers with new offers or new products and services.